Old Religion Spring/Summer 2013 collection “Retrospective Kaleidoscopy”

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Sunday, November 25th, 2012


The spring summer collection dubbed retrospective kaleidoscopy for perception by admirers of the collection, kaleidoscopy meaning ‘observation of beautiful forms’. The collection draws inspiration from the hues characterised by the industry’s forecast of the season, infusing the good ol’ plaids and solid fabrics and the old world appeal by laying a subtle emphasis on the old new comer into the fashionable man’s closet “the renowned double breasted jacket” hence retrospective.


Fashion has comfortably migrated from the sagging closets of ladies and the aisles of the fashion runways, with fashion now feeling at home on the streets, men have become increasingly aware of the fact that you really only live once, one shot at self expression and deriving the utmost fun while at it, and no holds are being barred while they are at it and that is the niche Old Religion was created to fill. Old Religion has carved its niche answering to the fashionable needs of men and waxing stronger as one of the most anticipated emerging menswear brands. Old Religion offers a wide range of services from bespoke suits which have been rumored to be crafted as against the tailoring we all know to be common place, to made to measure garments, bespoke, made to measure and ready to wear shirts. In the rapidly evolving world of fashion, Old Religion is committed to setting the pace in menswear in the fashion industry and making the customer satisfaction its obsession.


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