Where The Wild Things Are: 10 Days in Kenya

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Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

The Masai Mara National Reserve on Kenya’s southwestern border with Tanzania is blanketed with large mammals, so heavily in fact that it takes a day or two to register that the animals are real and not holographic or cutouts from a National Geographic photo spread. This is what happens when you combine a life spent mostly staring into a computer with the ease of international travel. One day I’m in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; 24 hours and four airplane meals later, I’m on safari in the African savanna. The rapid change of scenery can give vacation a dream-like quality. What unsettles the reality principle further is that the animals stare right back at our vehicle, look right down the barrel of my lens for a good long while before scuttering off. I feel like the animal. It is the antelope that watches me. Gear Patrol.
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