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Saturday, April 28th, 2012


I hope you’ll take the time to read and consider all I’m about to say.

In recent times, ONB has noticeably improved in quality and breadth (many congratulations for this), but it may be time to review your approach. In the last few weeks, you have broadcasted three issues without taking proper care for the repercussions of your actions.

i) L’Espace: You made such a fuss about the issue, making non-stop noise about it for a number of days and resorting to sensationalism (which I found unsettling and unnecessary — a little decorum in these dealings is surely not too much to ask for someone of your intelligence and exposure) — but what has now become of it? Nothing, as far as your readers can see. You promised further investigations and exposes (stemming from your ‘care’ for the industry and wrongdoing), but one has to wonder why you didn’t follow that due process before crying fowl and going very quiet after you had caused quite a storm (and garnered quite a few hits and followers). For someone of your stature in the industry, your approach was damaging and irresponsible.

ONB Comment: I appreciate you taking the time out to leave such a sensible comment on my blog. I don’t think i’ve had any comment that makes this much sense and creates a conversation which blogs are meant too. Regarding ‘making a fuss’ non stop on twitter about the L’Espace issue; i was only trying to discuss it openly so we can decide whether L’Espace’s actions were fair or not.


‘Resorting to Sensationalism’ ….well i guess u can say that. It struck very close to home and my sister was also involved and not only did her brand get dragged into the conversation for no reason the L’Espace owners out rightly disrespected her. I mean I’m sure you saw the comments their posse and supporters were making and the tweets.

Wana’s my sister, not only that she’s my best friend and i would do a lot to protect her even if it meant risking or giving up my life. I’m the one who was there when she first drove to Yaba market to buy her first sewing machine. Heck she even hit an old guy on her way back but luckily he was fine and she ended up having a bad time with the policemen and came home frustrated to the point of tears.

She’s no extraordinary designer but she’s  a hardworking business woman. I’m still staying at my pops but my sister, she moved out a year ago to her own studio flat and i know the challenges that she faced dealing with building her business up to this level. I was there when she’d be frustrated at a tailor or a fabric supplier and it was really tough on her. Imagine you going to see a loved one who’s frustrated and there’s little or nothing you could do the help.

So i mean, you can’t exactly fault me for being all sensational.

Regarding further investigation- i’ve decided to drop the case cos the other grieving designers who stock at L’Espace said that they had a meeting with the board and L’Espace was cleaning up their acts, which really was the main thing i wanted to achieve.  Say what you want but i think the rate at which L’Espace were going they might have been hit by a bigger mess, but i did give them a chance to have a re-think about their business practices.

And I’m done with the L’Espace issue.

ii) JBL/Burberry: You caused JBL untold embarrassment with that post, which I noticed you subsequently edited after the fact to make it more tame. Strike 2. It was not only shabby reporting (given that you should’ve known the Vlisco print wasn’t custom and is thus widely available), it was deeply shallow, and you quoted JBL entirely out of context. It has caused more storms in teacups all over blogosphere, and one has to wonder why you’re so quick to jump to conclusions without taking proper care to cover all your bases.

ONB Comment: I don’t understand what you mean by untold embarrassment? it was clear cut copying and i was just reporting as it is.Go back and read what i posted, i was by no means putting JBL in the spotlight, it was the comments that did and i can’t control what topic people chose to focus on the most. I didn’t tweet that tweet for Lisa, she tweeted it herself. Yes i edited the post, because Jewel by Lisa’s PR people contacted me and were concerned about it.

iii) Allen & Fifth: Have you contacted A&F? Are you their spokesperson? This is infinitely more their business than it is yours. It wouldn’t have been out-of-place to publish a press release or to wait to hear Terry’s side before publishing this post, and this is the third time you’ve done this in a short space of time. I’m not saying ONB shouldn’t publish exposes on the underbelly of the industry; I’m just saying your approach can afford to be more charitable, understanding, and less juvenile.

ONB Comment: I was contacted by who is their official stockist. Feel free to peruse through @allenandfifth ‘s timeline on twitter yourself and see his conversations with @tharapman . Terry Tha Rapman is a celeb and his actions are free to be poked and deliberated on social media.

Having being a long time reader of ONB, I know your heart is in the right place where the industry is concerned, but please work on your content and stop presenting ONB as a free for all marketplace (very, if you like) where there’s very little due process or fairness, so you don’t end up causing untold hurt to the industry you work hard to promote everyday.

Thank you.

ONB CONCLUSION: One Nigerian Boy has a voice, it’s a blog not a website. It’s not an automated feed site, so you’re bound to see content where it seems like I’m leaning towards or supporting another party and YES i probably am cos that’s what i believe, its my opinion and its my blog so i can post whatever i like. Make no mistake I’m not spending precious time up here uploading content without an intent to get more hits and followers on twitter.

ONB has moved from being just a blog out of hobby, it’s now a business. More visibility increases my earning ability and the medium i choose might be perezhilton-ish but we all gotta find what works for us don’t we?

I apologize to all my readers who did not see this new shift in content coming and are still finding it hard to come to grasps with it but i hope in all you are still able to find the kind of content you enjoy on the blog.

Thanks for all the continued feedback…


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