African Print Tees: Zara vs Burberry

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

African prints have proved their resilience and still maintain a prime spot on the trend barometer. They got fashion labels constantly pushing out print pieces, trying to woo customers. These two tees are right on point and one might claim that Zara copied Burberry but even though the patterns are similar they are still quite different. Zara’s print tee pricing comes in at £19.99, lower than 10% of the Burberry print tee which retails for £225. I’ve seen both of these tees up close and felt them, the Burberry tee is more durable but then again, is £225 too much for a simple cotton tee? maybe not… What the Zara tee lacks for in durability it makes up for in aesthetics. It lacks the breast pockets which are big this season but its cut leans towards the oversize silhouette which i prefer and the hem on the bottom part of the tee is uneven, making it more versatile. I’m gonna go with the Zara tee, just need to figure what color i want :)



Which tee do you prefer? sound off in the comment box.

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