Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012 Countdown: Sneak Peek @ Ozwald Boateng’s AW12 Collection

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Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Combining elements of British hunting attire and Japanese aesthetics the Ozwald Boateng AW12 was largely influenced by Japan. The press release cites 2 Japanese words ‘Yofuku- Tailoring’ and ‘ Wafuku- Traditional Japanese clothing (pre 20th century)’ . The collection is emphatically titled Migration and it depicts the resultant effect of migration between the east and the west which in the process merges the traditionally ‘back and white’ Japanese attitude towards clothing and etiquette with modern society aesthetics… kinda lost myself in all the sartorial rambling, well in less words the collection to me references a utilitarian tailored approach in its construction and engineering.

Images shot with my Iphone 4S and edited via various filters on Instagram.

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