Vapiano, Shisha & More

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Monday, February 13th, 2012

Most of you would have read my erratic tweets about Vapiano dinners and realized its one of my fav joints at the moment. I was there sometime last week for dinner with my bestie Joel and ran into Aisha trying to go solo on me. The reason why i say ‘solo’ is cos, Aisha and i dined there a week earlier and its due process for her to tell me whenever she’s in central and heading down there. I pardoned her cos she was with her friends Gg and Olu, so we all just dined together like one big happy family and ended up at some basement Shisha place on Edgware road showing of our shisha bong-ing skills. More images after the jump.

Joel Kerroy (Bestie)

Aisha feeling all guilty loool


Aisha’s fav meal (some salad…can’t remember the name)

Olu – kinda like my reflection in the mirror, i look like a proper fotog

Joel (a.k.a chimney) was stunning everyone with his Shisha bong-ing skills whilst i behaved badly

Hiding my embarrassment behind my Iphone

Aisha the G!!!!!!


The Gang…i might add that i was the only one not feeling lightheaded at this point. Aisha and Joel were practically floating…


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