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Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Have you ever had a glass of icy cold water on a sweltering day?

Have you ever laughed at a funny joke till your sides hurt?

Have you ever felt so angry you wanted to punch a hole in the moon?

Have you ever pondered on the mysteries of life?

Have you ever tasted milk?

Have you ever lost something precious?

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Yes you have.

And if you cannot give a “yes” to any of these questions then you were probably genetically engineered by a mad scientist in a secret laboratory and solitarily confined with no human contact and you definitely will not get to read this article anyway.

At one point in our lives we have all experienced that mind-numbing feeling of loss, shock, pain, anger and sorrow, it is a ritual of life, one that we all have to through. Everyone has at some point fallen in love, be it with someone, a possession or an ideal. We have all experienced intense feelings for something, and we have also felt loss because life is a mystery and we understand that things come and go.Even though most times the term ‘heartbreak’ is usually ascribed to the demise of love and the parting of lovers, it can also occur from other circumstances; the death of a pet can cause heartbreak, the betrayal of a friend can cause heart break, I am sure by now you get my drift.

Allow me to drift on to the crux of my piece.

I woke up this morning at 5:25am to the news that an enormously talented singer had passed on; I instantly felt this intense coldness, that feeling of sadness and dread that comes with loss and for the first time in my life I was keenly aware of my mortality. I pondered on the decisions I had made in my life, the choices that have brought me to this point, and the people that mattered in my world and my relationship with the common man. I thought about all the times I had cried, laughed, danced…lived and I wondered was it worth it? The sadness I felt at that moment was akin to the sadness one feels when one’s heart gets broken. The melody of Whitney Houston’s ‘where do broken hearts go’ filtered into my head. I remembered listening to this song a few weeks ago and asking myself why people ever bothered to fall in love. I asked myself this same question this morning and as soon as that question was born in my thoughts the answer was conceived. Love makes the world go round, the greatest gift of all, without it we are nothing and this is why no matter how many times we get our hearts broken we still fall back in love.

All humans are afflicted with this need to find that ‘one’ who will makes us feel wanted, appreciated and most importantly of all, loved. But then again there are some who have had their hearts smashed to smithereens so many times they have lost the capacity to feel, love is a strange language to their ears, an unknown song, they are no different from robots.

The temptation to isolate oneself forever becomes harder to resist the more frequently you get your heart broken, you want to shield yourself from the pain and misery loss brings. DO NOT YIELD to this temptation, if you have ever listened to Whitney Houston’s ‘where do broken hearts go’ and if like me you have taken the question literally and wondered__ really, where do broken hearts go? The answer is this; broken hearts go to ‘emotion-land’ where they wander, lost, and unable to come back home, love is alien in ‘emotion-land’, it is a cold place. This is the wrongest route to take when it comes to matters of the heart, instead let your heart mend, endeavour to live your life to the fullest, fall in love and pick yourself back up again if it doesn’t work out, enjoy each day.

Although it may sound like a cliche, the remedy for a broken heart is simply to allow time, the greatest healer to settle all unresolved feelings, talk about your feelings with family or a trusted friend, keep busy with hobbies, try new exciting things, keeping your mind busy is important. Do things that make you happy, you are your own best friend and it is vital that you accept yourself and love yourself as a person before you expect anyone else to.

Life will always bring tragedies but love makes the bitter syrup of life easier to swallow. It is the season of love, do something special for the people you care about, make each day count.

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