Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

                                Heaven’s where moms belong, I miss mine when I’m not at home. No one loves more, protects more, advices more, mom is the sweat I sweat for, the reason I work, the reason I endure. when I’m down, her hard work, her efforts make sure that I keep going. Advice she gives me, support she shows me, love, care, all those things she does not for no other reason but cause she loves me and I love her back. Many might not get all mushy for the reason they are here, but the truth is the one I have infinite love for is the one that I speak for, so I seek for love, and I do love the person that deserves it the most.

                                 All those times she took away the video-game, i was angry, but now I know, she took it for a reason, and when she said, no you can’t, I could not see why, but now I do… She’s my guide, from the beginning, till the end. I know my mother, I love my mother for many reasons. She loves, not just me, but everyone, she’s forgiving and hard working… Trust me no man will ever get it, but I do… When people make her angry, I want to crush them, but she tells me no… God knows best… Words are not enough, poems won’t suffice, thank yous wont do and hard work falls just below the line. So what can I do? Nothing really, I just wish to make her smile always cuz she deserves it, and every day I pray She goes to nowhere else but heaven. Rest in peace to the mothers that are no longer with us, and to those of us that are lucky enough to have ours around, let’s call them and tell them we love them.
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