Engineer Okpere Sunday and His Nigerian Made Car Using Locally Sourced Parts

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Friday, December 30th, 2011

In the midst of all the strife and bashing going on around us here in Nigeria, a lack of hope and trust in the fact that this country despite its current economic and political state will get better, Okpere Sunday caught a modest dream to create something that makes life easier for his fellow Nigerians. Not seeking fame but solutions to existing problems is the most intriguing part of  Sunday’s story. See video after Jump.

He was able to build this car using locally sourced materials and has plans of creating them at a commercial scale. I hope that the government and Nigerians all come together and support this change agent.

Sunday people like you make me proud to be Nigerian, God will make you BIGGER.



T: +2348034872066

Video by Rhodes-Vivour Yetunde

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