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Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Books, school, tests alone don’t make us… Experience plays a big role in constructing the people we become. Life on earth is a very strange thing, simple yet complicated, pure yet adulterated, good yet evil. Life is many things and it is up to us, and by us I don’t mean us as a collective, I mean us as individuals. It is up to every individual to think of change, positive change and work on that. You cannot understand people if you do not understand yourself. You cannot change the world if you haven’t changed yourself.

You want a revolution, start by looking in the mirror. How can you wish to overthrow the powerful, the corrupt, if you yourself own a heart and soul that ain’t so pure. Corruption doesn’t start from the top or bottom alone, it starts from both sides, and both sides have to correct themselves first, before going on to correct the other.

How low have we become, as the sight of a dead body excites us, we chant cuz a soul is no more. Who are we to decide who’s really good. Just days ago, Gaddaffi, a dictator was killed. The people around, chanting, screaming like savages, and yet they see themselves as normal. I do not see them as normal, because no matter how bad you claim a man is, God alone can judge him, therefore you try him, and punish him accordingly, not treat him like mess, and yell like savages.

It is funny and scary how people lack faith, how people lack fear of God, they lie, kill, all sorts of evil things; all for the sake of wealth and power. How blind we are, we see with our eyes, yes, but every other aspect of us is blind. Who are you to determine another person’s worth in life when we are all created by the same Supreme Being.

You do not need jail to be locked behind bars, you can be free as a bird but still remain trapped in solitary confinement. How the media diverts our attention and reset our priorities. Girls selling dignity for money and bags and clothes, men turning gay for power and wealth’s sake.

It is far from funny. How people successful mix things that unite us and things that divide us. How truth divides and lies unite. Fake friends, greedy leader’s. Tyrants for presidents and hypocrites for protectors. How our leaders think “business” and fail to see us as human beings but rather, they see us as “commodity”.

God created us all original, but some of us aren’t grateful, we end up getting refurbished, “made in china”. How a Boy’ll listen to Big Sean and then move forward to buying fake gold chains and gold watches, and claim he does it. And will now listen to Lil Wayne and move forward to smoking weed and drinking cough syrup, thinking they’re cool.

Some will even go as far as playing Call Of Duty and attempt joining the army. When bullet enters your head in real life, you cannot respawn.

The main problem with us as human beings is lack of contentment. Honesty dies, loyalty dies, faith dies and we begin moving like zombies.

If every man will choose to stay content, if every man will decide to clean his space, the whole area will become clean and one will not need to move forward to clean the space of another.

People do a lot of evil just to retain that power, the wealth, the social status. But one thing man must remember is; no matter how powerful you are, you can die a very miserable death. So take note, dictators and hypocrites alike. Life is short and simple, complicated to those who make it. Make the most out of life and make sure you don’t regret it all when it’s too late.

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