5 Things I Know About Style by Jen Eleto London Based Stylist and Blogger

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Meet fashion obsessed 22 year old British born Nigerian, Jen Eleto, Fashion Management and Marketing final year student, who plans to work in PR and styling after graduating. She owns a very good and intriguing personal/fashion style blog JJ Noir to document her style journey. Her style is said to be very erratic - swinging from different looks day to day. She wears a lot of vintage, as she states “I feel vintage helps me really define my style and make my outfit really stand out. Wearing a vintage piece is a great good conversation starter as I am quite shy”. ‘Fashion brings us together, style sets us apart’, is one of her favourite quotes. Personally, I really like this girl; she knows fashion is universal but embraces individuality and uniqueness; as you can see from her style and poses. Check out the jump for more photos of her and to see 5 things she knows about style.

1: NEVER be afraid to take risks, if it doesn’t work try something else.


2: Take inspiration from everywhere. Films, street style, music, art


3. Don’t be a slave to fashion trends, you don’t have to follow every trend.


4. NETWORKING! VERY key in the fashion industry, so get talking get mingling.


5. Fashion isn’t glitz and glam, you have to strong willed, hard-working and passionate to make it.

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