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Friday, November 11th, 2011

Rather than working extra hours to acquire 50 elixirs, 50,000hp, all aeons including the secrete Yojimbo, most will settle for less. As these people laugh at me, I cry for them, cuz Truth has no demographic, nor does it discriminate, and blocking your eyes and ears will not end its existence.

They love to cower behind money, it builds their confidence, makes them proud, so proud they forget where they came from, so proud they forget why they’re here as they become slaves to society, disregarding morals and all cognitive function just to smile around fake people in a fake environment. Money ain’t everything, Steve job’s dead now.

Life is great to those who see it and it is plain stupidity for one to think that of all seven billion, they stand a chance of being relevant; therefore you should not mix yourself with fake people, people that only assist you in bad, who with them discussions are but filth and negative. Be around positive people, those that can make you feel good about yourself, about life, those that only make you a better man.

To a lot of people, fame is the room, money is the bed, so with both, you’re safe and comfortable, hence the huge circles of friends, constantly discussing issues like cheating on X-Factor and the life of Kim Kardashian. Who is who, whose bag is fake, who rides nice rides and who shops at primark. Talking about stuff they don’t have to get to people they shouldn’t, so when It’s all said and done, all things negative lead to nothing but sadness and regret.

But then, words alone wont suffice and I pray to God to make these words flow with intention and actions follow right after. See, the thing is Girls preach with their breasts exposed and boys wish to stay rich when their dollar is spent on smoke. So what should I believe, your words or your actions, cuz some people mean good but keep doing bad, but if you fall under that category it’s best you check yourself. Check yourself fast.

So, life’s simple. When you lie, or praise the ignorant, the ones with huge chains, wait, it’s ironic, how our forefathers suffered in chains and whips but now our brothers want nothing more but whips and chains. Anyways, I was saying, now, you get praised for praising the ignorant, always bragging about money and who you slept with, so when someone decides to argue against you, he is the bad guy, “Mr. Holy” the guy that knows it all and all sorts of shallow titles. Is it not unfair for people to exercise stupidity and prevent anyone from criticizing?

Lies they come in shapes and sizes, and some are obese and some are anorexic, some are like clones; hard to tell, while some are evidently pirate. I don’t fancy hypocrites, I mean we all have a degree of that in us, but then, there are people who have mastered the art of hypocrisy. One thing I know is, we talk or we don’t, we’re friends or we’re not. I cannot like or hate you behind your back and become Mr. Smiley to your face.

Now let’s move to propaganda, how the media conditions us to believe in things that do not even add up, so we become like zombies, brainless, eating other human beings with no direction what so ever, so I have the news to tell me that my religion is radical, when I read the Qur’an, pray 5 times a day, give out to the poor, and strive to love my brother as I love myself. I know that my religion promotes peace, patience, forgiveness, so how can someone that has failed to bend on his knees before God ascertain enough confidence to tell me my religion is evil? My religion isn’t evil, and I forgive you, but ignorance ain’t bliss, May God guide you.

I play games to pass time, I don’t play them to know more about life, so constantly putting it in my face that Russians, Koreans and Arabs are evil won’t make me join the army. Oppose racism or tribalism of any kind cuz mankind is one and if we were not as blind, the world would have seen better days.

Life of a gangster, heart of a saint, if you go to church on Sunday, be sure to find him. So a book cannot be judged by its cover and a pretty girl; never heard a word, finally heard something at the age of 45, think about the joy, better yet, think about how little means so much and try not to forget, be forever grateful cuz little to you might be someone else’s everything.

Now they say he listens to Kendrick Lamar and Boona, well it beats listening to Big Sean and Minaj who only teach you how to become faker. I need inspiration, I need motivation, I do not need lies and fakery so I listen to things that’ll make me wiser. I know a tool from a savior and I know exactly what conditioning is. Just like anthrax, there are labs of ignorance, and they are injected into the minds of many so when they become sick they bow to the ones that gave them their illness.

People lie to survive, but the truth never dies, and when it’s time for justice, good>evil. And I don’t mean justice here I mean justice there, so lie all you want, the real CCTV knows you well.

So you spread rumors, why? Cuz you are self centered, but know; rumors are like STDs, they are both disease. So bringing more people into the equation doesn’t mean you are cured from the ill, it only means that you are building a pile of zombies that will turn around to bite you soon enough!

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