Thoughts From My Blue & White Wall

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

All these quotes below are quotes I thought of and posted at one point in time. I have collected about 36 different thoughts from my head and my blue and white wall and have placed them here. It ranges from quotes about strength, fear, hypocrisy, and so much more. Feel free to go through all the various thoughts I have posted below.

1: Anyone who tries to fix the world on his own watches too much X-men, there is too much going on for one man to handle, besides one cannot fix the world unless he fixes himself… But, one can always correct the wrong doers, and say the truth were it needs be. Freedom is a gift, if you don’t use it, someone else will show you how to use your own freedom.


2: A strong man is not one that throws his opponent in wrestling, a strong man is a man that bears with the pain he goes through in his course of life. We are tested in many different ways, it is essential to understand the essence of faith and that nothing happens unless Allah wills, so whatever happens to you, ask for forgiveness and pray even harder. May Allah grant us that strength…

3: If we say everything we see and hear, the world wouldn’t be this stable.

4: I don’t believe in history books… Everyone has his own version of history, everyone writes what he wants the people that come after him to believe… There is only one person capable of telling history, the person that was present at that time, but that’s why its called history right? Cuz it is in the past and the people that took part in it are dead and gone… History is just a story, with a tinge of truth in it.

5: People have opinions on how and/or what we came from. Science tells me i came about by mistake, that i started as an atom billions of years ago. Some people like to justify that God doesn’t exist through this theory which is inaccurate from my point of view. So the question i put forward to the people that deny the existence of God is, even if we indeed happened to come from an atom or spec, what created that spec?

6: Life’s all about teaching and learning, giving and receiving, praying and believing, falling and getting up… Earning and Sharing, loving n caring.. Life is not about you, and it’s not about me, its about US as people… We should give what we want to receive and avoid giving what we despise. Life’s simple, it’s only as complicated as you make it.

7: When you are creative and imaginative pple call u strange, when u do things pple cant understand they say you are weird. Pple generally hate what they cannot understand so they hate both u and your idea, so in this world of envy, know that when someone hates on your creativity, it goes to say you are indeed creative…

8: Prayer is meditation, meditation is peace, peace is joy, joy is love…. Praying Five times daily combines it all and relieves you in an instance, if prayer is compulsory for you, don’t avoid it, it helps you….

9:A hug is all we need in this world of deception, hug with caution though, some mite hug just to crush you…

10: Learn to never disrespect a Woman no matter what she does, because no matter what, without a woman, a man cannot be….

11: A person can go to church, just to kill the pastor…. Its not the outside or the sight of something that matters, it is the inside, the intentions that matter the most. But we can never see deeper than the skin, so we hope we along with the people around us have good intentions that accompany our actions.

12: How history is told lies within the hands of the victor.

13: Be confident, not cocky, presentable, not over-stylish, kind, not stupid, fun not crazy, versatile not a hypocrite, polite not quiet, be rich not wealthy, be strong not powerful, be a leader not a dictator, listen, not brainwashed, give, not collect… Be you, not him.

14: To me, make up’s just a mask so don’t hide yourself… If you don’t think you are beautiful, then i don’t know what you think you are. And it is not even about modesty, it’s about self respect. If you do not respect your own beauty, then no one else will, and if a mask is what you live by, they they’ll all love you for the wrong reasons. No that love’s about the real you and not what you put on top.

15: Mother= Best woman in the world.

16: If you give me all your heart, you give me the power to crush it.

17: If a person says to you that he “won’t betray” you, without you asking. Don’t trust that person.

18: A small gift given by heart is much better than a big one given without intention.

19: Never let anyone look down on you and your creativity. The brightest of ideas start little.

20: Ignorance is a form of cancer…..

21: We are all good pple, we only often make bad decisions… But the best amongst us are those who correct wrongs fast and effectively.

22: People who say God doesn’t exist cuz they cant see Him shud point a finger at something and say, that is love.

23: The truth is bitter… So is panadol.

24: People tend to dislike what they cannot do or understand.

25: Connect 1 and 2 and stop believing everything you hear….

26: An honest man is a modest man….

27: Life is all kinds of things but one thing life aint is forever, make the most out of life, make the most out of life positively…

28: Black or white, it doesn’t matter. Life is life, love is love. Racism has no father, it’s a bastard, and it is so out of fashion. Be current

29: Fight for what you believe in, not what others think is right

30: I like he who likes me, and know not of the existence of he who doesn’t.

31: People should try to use this policy more often: “Not your business? Don’t complain”

32: He who rejects criticism in any form will not learn nor teach

33: It is not ignorance when you pay no mind to that which does not concern you.

34: The Tiger doesn’t kill the deer because it can, the Tiger kills the deer because it needs to eat.

35: There are pple in life, who can’t afford to buy expensive things, but their realness is priceless. And then there are pple in life that can afford all the gold in the world, but cannot afford to be real.

36: To me, a coward is not a man that runs away from a lion, a coward is a man that praises in front and gossips behind.

           And yes I am very aware of all my actions and yes i am aware that not all of my actions are correct or acceptable. I am also very much aware that its my duty as a citizen of this world to be entitled to my opinions and to carry my actions accordingly, i am aware that i cannot be selfish and as such should allow others speak and correct me when i am wrong. One thing i am not aware of though, is an entity that will tell me to remain silent and speak not when truth is all i offer…

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