Emmy Collins Style Weekend in Retrospective

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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

London based menswear label run by Dutch/Nigerian Emmy Collins is known for being rebelious and not following any of the set rules of fashion. The designer swears by the quote ‘fashion rules are for fools’ and he expresses that a lot more with his witty and sometimes outlandish garb for not just men but also women. If there’s one thing i like about the Emmy Collins aesthetic its the savviness applied in fabric fusion and his cuts. The shirts fit like a glove and i know men who swear by Emmy Collins shirts. Last weekend saw the first leg of the Emmy Collins Style weekend in Lagos and i was inhouse on the first day to get intimate with the clothes as usual i had my camera, so from now i’d let it do the talking. Close up shots after the jump.

It’s all about the details…

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