MTN/British Council Lagos Design Fashion Week Designers Seminar

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Sunday, September 25th, 2011

The MTN in Collaboration with the British Council, Lagos Design Fashion Week finally held its seminar for the selected designers who passed through their screening. I stopped by on the first day and sat in on Designer Sian Kate Mooney who dished out loads of useful wisdom to the designers and as a blogger I found most of them very inspiring as well. Will list them in bullet points below.

-Know your subject

-Be forward looking.

-Be innovators.

-Find out who the real movers and shakers are. Go out to alternative clubs n bars n music venues….

-Be internationally knowledgeable.

-Find stockists.

- Continually seek inspiration in order to keep your ideas fresh.

-You got to be quite persistent to be taken seriously.

-Get a business card…

-To find concepts, go to galleries and museums…get inspired by photography, film, costume, clothing, history or politics.

-Be open minded.

-As creative people, start to build your own library of books.

-When you’re lacking inspiration, look at your books, they will support u….

-Try out different genres of movies…watch movies from diff countries.

-Personal Experience: travel/ dreams/ lifestyle/ personal history.

-Music can inspire your collection…seek out music from diff cultures.

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