Behind The Lens: Ghanaian Photographer Rodney Quarcoo

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Saturday, September 17th, 2011

E. Rodney Quarcoo is one of Ghana’s front running photographers. His mum comes from Cape Coast & his dad was born in Koforidua to Togolese parents and he fondly calls himself “ayigbeboy”, and claims Cape Coast as his hometown. He grew up in Ghana and England and developed an interest in photography early. The most important part is that he worked on the interest and keeps updating his skills regularly by attending courses worldwide. ONB sits for a brief chat with him.

-          How has travel and growing up in different parts of the world influenced your work?  Experiencing other cultures has influenced how I garner inspiration for my work & for me; inspiration is a major factor in creating work that resonates with people who experience it.

-          When did you first pick up interest in photography?  For as long as I can remember I’ve also dabbled in photography, but I took it up as a profession about 4 years ago.

-          Asides fashion, what other kinds of photography do you execute?  I’m a people person, I love to observe & shoot people.  I also shoot Wedding & Family Portraiture.

-          What are the biggest challenges facing the growth and development of Photography in Africa?  The expense of the kit I think is the biggest barrier to entry, as if that isn’t bad enough – getting your hands on the quality kit locally is another story.

-          What are some of the ways you have been able to deal with these challenges?  God being so good, I have a wide network of family & friends across the globe, so I am able to get by.

-          What other kind of creative people would you like to collaborate with apart from fashion designers or magazines?  Ooh the possibilities are endless!  I’d love to collaborate with artists, poets and seemingly unrelated disciplines like candle making! LOL!  Trust me, I think up some crazy things!  :-)

-          What words of wisdom can you give out to young Africans in Africa who have dreams of becoming world class photographers?  Learn, Practice & Persevere!  It’s not easy, but hustle hard & you shall get there!  I learn everyday & I am on my grind, one day my name will be up there. Amen!

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