Bridal Couture: Weddings by Mai in Retrospective

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Weddings…most people love them othesr hate them. Personally i have a love/hate relationship with weddings. I hate the whole lavish ceremony aspect of it which i dont only consider as a waste of  limited economic resources but also an avenue to deplete the ecosystem. The part about weddings i love however is the most important right now and it is the revenue potential . I care about designers i feature on my blog making huge profits not just only getting up their content on my blog, most of the times 1st or exclusively hehe. Any wise Nigerian designer knows that the typical fashion customer might want to be frugal on regular items of clothing but would go all out on wedding attire. Well Mai Atafo has certainly showed that he’s the wisest by holding the first wedding show in the country featuring dresses and clothing for a entire bridal train all made under his ‘Weddings by Mai’ label.

It was a great show thanks to the sweets and huge cake slices i consumed that was divided into different themes  influenced by culture, color and religion. There was a wedding dress for the beach, indian or trust fund wife. The guys were not left out as well including the bridal trains. See gallery for images.


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