Much Ado about Shoes Thrifting

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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

I used the word ‘Thrift’ just for effect in this post title but in all truth that word is now obsolete. Modern day thrift items are referred to as retro or vintage in lighter terms in they not 10 years or older. Most of you who’ve been reading this blog for a while are aware of my obsession with shoes, vintage a.k.a bend down select to be precise and recently i welcomed 4 new shoes into my wardrobe. The first one pictured is my fav of the pack for obvious reasons- its brown, tassel laden and its loafers- it appears to be made somewhere in portugal i think…its so vintage the inscription underneath the sole is barely visible to the normal human eye. I decided to invest into the chunky sole trend adding 2 brown shoes from Marks & Spencer and -at the bottom- Arpoador, which is made in brazil. Like most shoes made in Brazil, you can wear them for years and pass them on to your first son lol…

Love the details on the fringe, the stitching detail is shoegasmic to say the least. They are made in italy by Arker.

Ah  the M&S ones, i call them the best ugly… they are ugly upon first sight but they grow on you.

I doubt that even nails can pass through the soles of this pair of shoes, they redefine the word sturdy…very comfortable on the inside though. Cant wait to wear them.


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