Orange Culture Menswear – An In-depth Analysis

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Menswear unlike womens is one where you have to thread gently or else risk sauntering on fashion lunatic fringes. The state of menswear in Nigeria at the moment is not very encouraging. 90% of the fashion labels cater to mostly women or women alone and as a result we have fewer menswear labels and out of the existing ones when you separate the good from the bad you are left with very few. Enter new unisex label Orange Culture; a close look at the labels offering for men shows a promise for the future.

I admire all the menswear pieces but you would only catch me wearing a few. This does not mean, that only a few are cool, it just shows the diversity of the Orange Culture man.

The Cuts in the collection are modern with a sort of desert feel in some of the billowy bottom cordinates and shawl neck cotton tees. It somewhat tends towards nomadic protective gear.

The Colors were surprisingly a lot quieter than what the designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal did for Onyx and Pearl where he used to be creative director. The palette had an autumnal feel.

The Fabrication was quite eccentric with a fusion of jersey, cotton, velvet and leather.

The Bags from Shem Paronelli added spice to the collection and proved that designers could collaborate instead of compete all the time.


Womens Collection

Photography by Obisomto

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