Mina Evans and Empress Creations at the Vlisco Fashion Show in Accra

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Friday, May 27th, 2011

One Nigerian Boy speaks to and delivers  an in-depth look as well as backstage photos from the Mina Evans and Empress Creations collection at the recent Vlisco Fashion show in Accra. See all the tiny details you missed on the runway and read interviews with Mina Evans Anfom of Mina Evans and Fomeya Ouattara of Empress Creations.

What inspired your Vlisco Collection?

Our collection this season was “Jewels & Tulle” and looking back we realized we had touched a lot on jewels and not played with tulle as much as we had liked. Since this was a capsule collection, we decided to go a little tulle crazy but still make the pieces wearable.

Explain the following features of d collection-


Form fitting and simultaneously flowing (if that makes sense! LOL!) We also included a couple of neck pieces.

we didn’t go crazy with shapes…we stuck to the natural shape of the woman’s body

Neck pieces, some jeweled.
What other fabrics asides prints did u work with and why?

Tulle because that was our other focus apart from the print and organza for when we wanted to make things sheer.


Empress Creations

Fomeya Ouattara the creative director of Empress Creations is of French and Ghanaian origin and grew up in Ivory coast , later studying Fashion in France.

What inspired your Vlisco collection?

What inspired me the most was the patterns, the colours, I wanted the respect the patterns by not adding  too much trimming on it in order for the patterns and colours to stand out within their self cause I believe Vlisco is all ready rich in pattern, in contrast and colours.

What other fabrics apart from Vlisco prints did you use in the collection and why?

It doesn’t need much so what we did was just to add a bit of black silky satin and beads  to fuse our collection..

Who is the typical Empress Creations woman?

The typical empress creations woman, is very chic. trendy loves colours ,crazy styles in due time.

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