ONB Speaks to Renee Q & Previews the Brands New Jewelry Designs

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Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Renée Q. Boateng the creative director of Renee Q, grew up in Ghana and later went to University in the UK. Upon her return after a few years of study and work she set up the indelible Renee Q brand and made her way to the top rung of the design ladder in Ghana. One Nigerian Boy talks all things with the designer.

-          When did you realize your talent?

From as long as I can remember. I’ve always liked to modify my clothes and jewellery. As a child I used to make little dresses for my Barbie & Cindy dolls from my old clothes and pieces of fabric I would find anywhere…

-          What were your first design expressions you remember from your childhood?

Making dresses for my Barbie & Cindy dolls, adding fabric to their braids and making necklaces out of fabric, rubber bands, beads and little Christmas decorations.

-          When did you launch your label?

I started making & selling accessories formally as a business in 2007. I launched my clothing line RenéeQ bespoke in 2008.

-          What influenced your unique fusion of Ankara print and jersey?

I was looking for a different wear of wearing Ankara. I loved the fabrics but was tired of the usual “slit & kaba” which is the typical Ghanaian style. I always felt really dressed up or formal. I wanted something contemporary, stylish and easy to wear but also something that will turn heads…

-          Who is the typical RenéeQ woman?

Stylish, fun, classy, unique and confident!


- What are your bestsellers?

My tees are doing amazingly well but ever since Will & Kate’s wedding, my fascinators are selling out!

Regarding your accessories line-

>Where do you source your material from?

I travel a lot… I like to visit different countries so I buy material from every country I visit. I’d say that’s why I always have unique and different things. One thing I’m particular about though, is the quality and finishing of my products so I don’t compromise on that. The UK and US tend to be more pricey but I prefer to buy my findings from there.

> Where did you learn to make them?

I haven’t had any formal training in making accessories. I’d say it’s a blessing, a gift from God. In the past, I have made such beautiful designs and haven’t been able to repeat them so if I sold them, then that would be it – a unique design. That’s what my clients really loved that my designs aren’t common.

> Are they all made in Ghana?

By the divine grace of God, my business has expanded. I make jewellery, fascinators, clothes and I’m also a stylist and makeup artist. Hence, I don’t always have the time to make all the accessories so I have some ladies in other countries I send my designs to for production.

> Do you offer bespoke/made to order pieces?

Yes I do.

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