Jil Boutique Accra Interior designed by Daniel Tebesi & Ann-Marie Addo

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Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Shopping nowadays has been transformed into entertainment and it remains the sole responsibility of the designer or creative director of any label with a shopping space to design it in a way that keeps the customer charmed and willing to dole out cash. The moment I stepped into the flagship store of Jil label, Accra I felt the luxe vibe emitted from the interior décor. The store attracts you and somewhat makes you feel like you stepped into a palace and all of a sudden you’ve become Royal.

The store was designed by Ann-Marie Addo creative director of the Jil brand and Half Italian/Spanish/Ghanaian interior designer extraordinaire Daniel Tebesi. Their combination was able to create desired results that keep the customers whipping out their cash and credit cards in comfort whilst acquiring the latest fashions from the brand.

Embroided Leather Sofa

Store window

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