Model Talk: Paula Okunzuwa

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

19 year old London based Nigerian model Paula Okunzuwa signed to Nevs has done runway gigs for labels like , Suliami Brookman, Nkwo, Adebayo Jones, and has also been featured in editorials in Arise Magazine , FAB Magazine, Black Hair & Beauty Magazine and many more. This young model is at the top of her game with a unique look and One Nigerian Boy caught up with her recently for a chat.

How did you start modeling?

A friend of mine applied to a modeling agency for me online when I was 16. The agency rang me the next day and wanted to do a shoot with me straight away and it has been ongoing since then.

What does it feel like to have a distinct look in the industry and what are the values?

It is overwhelming to know that I have a unique look that no one else has which allows me to stand out in my career and in my personal life because being a model is a full time job you have to look good all the time as you are forever representing yourself. Being within the modeling industry as an African black model and having a distinctive look  is an advantage because that makes you stand out. The most valuable thing is that you always have to remember who you are and that the most valuable thing that a model can have and enabling your character to shine through no matter the circumstance.

How long do you think you wanna model for?

For as long as I can . Plan to run my own business in the future though.

Fav thing about modeling?

My favorite thing about modeling is travelling because I get to meet new people and also get to try new things like food and parties too.. lol… I also love the fact that I am always on-the-go. It’s almost like there is no time to waste. There is this rush about it that makes it very interesting.

Most annoying thing bouts modeling?

The rush of going from on place to another because you never know what your next move is going to be for example, I could get a call from my agency to say I have a shoot in an hour when I am still in bed.

Words of wisdom for upcoming models:

Aspire to Aspire

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