GRD a.k.a Graphic Research Department De-Mystified

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Monday, April 25th, 2011

Williams “BlackChild” Chechet and Jesse “Jesi” Yakubu are the dynamic duo behind Abuja based outfit GRD. GRD is an acronym for Graphic Research Department. The rationale behind their name is fueled by their drive to develop unique design concepts and style through high level creativity and originality and constant development. Perhaps, that why they got ‘Creativity is our hustle’ as one of their mantras. Basically, GRD is into graphic design, illustrations, computer arts, brand identity design (I.e. Logo creations/Brand design) and insignia.

In 2007 GRD morphed into GRD Design Lab to handle graphic design and illustrations and GRD Clothing Co. to deal with the clothing line business. Their influences include the rich originality of African art, Japanese Art, Rock and Rap music as well as Graffiti and Hip-hop culture in general. Names like Lemi Ghariokwu, 123 Klan, Yohji Yamamoto –Y3, John Burgerman, Johnny Cupcakes are what you would come across if you have a look through their library.

Following their inspiration list it’s no surprise that they have done graphic design work in print media with brands such as Imbue Magazine and in Music with artists like Kahli Abdu, Jay Dizzle and The Faculty.

They also recently collaborated with GidiLounge Radio for their Fela Friday radio show after they stumbled upon the design outfits Fela Artwork done for Washington based rapper Kahli Abdu’s Ministry of Corruption mixtape.

In the near future, GRD aims to explore Motion/broadcast Graphic design and Video Production/Editing.

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