In Discussion: The Gifts of Staging the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos to The Nigerian Fashion Industry

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

In order to make better use of social media and to get more knowledge from my esteemed readers I took to twitter with the topic ‘What benefits did staging the Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos bring to the Nigerian Fashion Industry’ and the response I got from my followers was tremendous.

See the most valuable ones below in no particular order.

“It’s brought an amazing amount of exposure to the Industry locally & overseas showcasing the talent we have in Naija”- @Temple_Muse

“It benefited the designers who showcased, especially the newbie’s. Beyond the glitz + glamour of d parties, clothes, red carpet I think its important designers who put time + money into d show, benefit PROPERLY from the whole shebang. Not just publicity”- @nuellaiyoha

“I think it has taken the industry to an international standard and has brought inspiration to upcoming designers”- @afrominima

“It makes the industry more visible to the global market as well as allowing other industries to see the richness of our cultures”- @Kemkemstudio

“Opened a lot of doors for known and unknown designers to showcase their work. They were exposed not only to Nigerians”- @ciaafrique

“it brought focus to our creativity, culture and love for everything beautiful and its al interpreted into our, fashion and style”- @PurpleEyedDoLL

“It has solidified the fact that we have a growing fashion industry and created a platform for designers from the Diaspora “- @AfroBoheme

“I feel it has positioned Nigeria on the map as a fashion capital with unique fabrics, style and inspiration. It’s all good”- @howyourday

“It helped Nigerian Models work alongside other models making them “Step Up” their game. It helped us recognize the forces to be reckoned with in our fashion Industry and also exposed us to working with major Professionals from around the world”- @SleekDivaMakida

“Focus! #AMFW Shifted focus to the Nigerian fashion industry”- @Bola_Y_Obebe

“It has put Lagos on the map as a buzzing fashion city. Would be great to see it follow Paris Fashion Week as a norm”.-@ Eki_Orleans

“AMFW in Lagos is an ordination of Lagos as a fashion capital. Now it’s up to us to create an inimitable reputation”- @EniolaHundeyin


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