African and Minimalist Interior Decor Firm Afrominima

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Saturday, February 19th, 2011
The design scene in Nigeria is notorious for its crop of trendsetting creatives in fashion but very little is known about other creatives in this field who design stuff like interiors. Afrominima is a new Interior design firm run by British trained Olubunmi Adeyemi who grew up with an Architect dad and has several architects as siblings.
With such a strong design background Olubunmi decided to dance to his own drum and focus on an untapped niche in the Nigerian design industry. Most interior décor people that operate in Nigeria, source their products and recreate living spaces but ä​frominimä goes beyond sourcing to creating most of its own pieces for the spaces.
The name ä​frominimä is derived from the combination of the firms ethos; African & minimalist and it is obvious that Olubunmi sticks to them. The space featured in this post was recently done for a client in Lagos and the client wanted the ä​frominimä vibe. I like the neat lines and wooden floor panel, the space screams Afropolitan.
Phone number: 07061030005

Twitter: @afrominima



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