Illustrated Letters A-Z by Nigerian Artist Karo Akpokiere

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Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Nigerian award winning artist and one of my new favorite artists, the enviable Karo Akpokiere started his Illustrated Letters project in November 2010 and wrapped it up on December 31st 2010.
The project showcases his wits and signature art style. What I find alluring about the Illustrated Letter project is that, every single letter tells it own story and collectively you can see that all the subliminal messages entrenched in the alphabets sort of sum up his experiences and interests.
I’d love to write more about his work but I’m errr biko ma pami speechless, Karo’s def got talent. I wish it was me who could do all this cool stuff lols.
Alphabets in black and white
Closer look at characters
The Artists Name created using the characters


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