One Nigerian Boy Speaks to Kaduna & Abuja Based Streetwear Label GRD

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Wednesday, February 16th, 2011
The Nigerian street wear scene for some time has been dominated by labels in the west most especially in the country’s fashion capital Lagos. But don’t be deceived the boys in the other parts of the country are not sleeping.
GRD stands for Graphic research department and they have Graphic design Lab (design studio) and GRD clothing. The outfit operates out of Kaduna and Abuja. It was formed way back in 2005 by Williams “blackchild” Chechet and Jesse Yakubu whilst they were under grads at A.B.U Zaria.
Williams was studying building engineering while Jesse was studying Architecture in the same faculty. They noticed they both had unique skills that when fused could create something big so they decided to work together in 2005. They initially made first contact with each other since 2002 when they both got admitted into the university.
The panda “graphic panda” is the logo of the GRD clothing line and the concept behind the graphic panda is that, it’s actually a gas mask with cross pencils and spray cans just like the idea of skull and cross bones.The tees are available in black with different panda logo colors for guys and all other colors for girls.
In the near future GRD clothing plans to roll out with stuff like hats, denims and snickers; also a children’s line.

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