New Nigerian Fashion Label Re Bahia Spring/Summer 2011 Collection titled ‘Lola’

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
Fast rising new African label Re-Bahia is run by a Nigerian mother and daughter team. The label is fresh with an eccentric vibe that speaks more to a spirit as opposed to just an age group. This obviously lies in the input from the creative’s behind the brand who bring 2 different generations pizzazz bunched up in one cool hybrid.
  Mwanba top & bottom coordinates. A closer look at the pattern of the signature ‘uma’ threading.
Their spring summer 2011 collection titled ‘Lola’ is special in many ways and a few would be the detailing which include their signature ‘uma’ threading, exposed zippers and vibrant fabrics. Another interesting point about the collection is that all the clothes are named in Swahili. This is part of the collection and was recently shown at the december 2010 LPM fashion showcase.
Intricate detailing on the pockets and cuffs
Maji Dress. shown here featuring the ‘uma’ threading pattern. Also available without it.
Exposed zipper detail
Interesting fusion of lace and batik prints. #TrendAlert.
  Kinguru Dress. Notice the difference in the ‘uma’ threading pattern from the Mwamba? You got to open your eyes or miss important details
Usiku Dress.

Almasi Dress
Anga Dress
Moto Dress
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