Sartorial Education from Jeffery Ammeen, Creative Director , Haspel.

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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Jeffrey Ammeen, creative director for Haspel – the 100-year old company famous for inventing the seersucker suit and now in the process of re-launching itself – incorporates seersucker into his wardrobe without looking like he is in a barbershop quartet. “I have an eclectic personality and I think that shows in how I dress,” says Jeffrey. “Rather than wearing a completely uniform look – in this case, seersucker, I prefer to wear it in a more non-traditional way by pairing a seersucker blazer with rolled up jeans or a casual v-neck tee.”

Jeffrey is a former professional musician and among his favorite accessories are his leather and silver bracelets – he wears several on each wrist. “Those bracelets coupled with anything seersucker is how I make seersucker my own.” In many ways, it speaks to who he is as both design director for the company that is legendary for making preppy looks de rigueur at Ivy League campuses and as someone with a rock star edge.

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